Monday, December 1, 2008

La maestra

If my parents lived in Orlando I'd probably be like one of those Italian 40 year old guys that has their condo to impress the ladies, but actually lives at home with their parents. Free booze, free food, free laundry service. Why wouldn't I? Seriously?!

Anyway, back to reality (could I really get a girl if she found out I lived with my parents?) and my original thought. There are some people in this world that possess the propensity, talent, capability, etc to create something special (athletes, musicians, writers, chefs, actors...) Sometimes it's innate, sometimes it's learned over time and with experience. I know all of us have that friend from high school that was just naturally good at everything he/she did. Anyway, I know some chefs that have that ability...partially learned, partially innate. They can just take whatever is in the fridge and make something delicious out of it. One of these ingenious people is the young lady in the picture (we had slammed about 5 glasses of wine each before this picture - notice the half empty bottle in the foreground - and don't worry mom, we can talk about this, your friends probably don't read my blog). Now that I think of it, maybe her cooking is so good because of all the wine...we'll never know will we?