Monday, January 28, 2008

Fry daddy, fry

I just got a fryer about a week ago and I have spent more than a few nights dreaming of dipping many things into said fryer. I've started slowly with your simple french fries. I got a little crazy with a roasted garlic mayonnaise dip and a spicy habanero ketchup dip. But let's take a step back and think about the versatility and history of fried foods. Can you think for a moment of any culture in the world that does not take the oil or fat of something and throw meat or vegetables into the cauldron to make it taste good? I mean it's brilliant. Pescado frito in Spain, Italian fried calamari, fried chicken, English fish and chips, potatoes chips are fried, Irish people batter fish in Guinness, the list goes on and on. I guess the dreaming of fried foods should stop as it will certainly shave a few years off of my life. But who cares? So will anything that tastes good.

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Anonymous said...

You had me all the way up until, "don't break the ink sac" - what????? Are you kidding me?
Anyway, I think I still love your blog, just have to get over the ink, I guess.
Have you tried frying pickles, twinkies or oreos? Can't imagine, but I hear they're great as well.
Keep blogging!