Friday, February 20, 2009

Economy Class

The economy sucks. Historically, bad economies have almost always proven to be fantastic times for food innovation and the creation of new recipes. Think about it...people always want to eat well, but right now, people can't afford shrimp, fillets and truffle oil. Hence you must get creative. Where do you think the best recipes in the world came from? Polenta used to be the food of the poor in Italy and now it's served in the fanciest restaurants around the world. Innovation! So we're just going to have to trade in our lobster stuffed trout for chicken and vegetables. Our Grey Goose martinis for cold Miller Lite. Does that mean we can't eat well? Of course not. We just have to get creative.

You might also think that the drowning economy means that we can't go out for dinner anymore. Not the case. Restaurants are hurting too and they still need customers. Service and quality are actually improving in most cases. Oh, and here's a crazy thought, if you go to a restaurant, eat less!! Most of us could lose a bit of weight anyway. The era of over-eating at Buca di Beppo and Cheesecake Factory is over. Thank goodness!!

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